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We assist engineers and support teams in minimizing the time spent on investigations, resolutions, and postmortem actions, allowing them to focus more on what truly matters.
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Ewake helps your teams to focus more on productivity and a faster incident resolution.

Proactive Investigation

Ewake jumps into action the moment an incident occurs, conducting initial investigations even before engineers are alerted.
By pinpointing the most relevant documents and systematically eliminating hypothesis, it prepares the ground for engineers.

Incident commander

Ewake is your exceptional interactive co-pilot, deeply familiar with your knowledge base and connected to your dev tools.
It provides helpful summaries and gathers information from various sources.
Additionally, it keeps the incident channel updated with real-time information, other alerts, and third-party tools.

Customized Status Page

Ewake offers a sleek, modern status page with extensive customization options, allowing you to create a status page perfectly tailored your stakeholders' needs.
Whether you need to engage managers, customers, or other audiences, Ewake's status pages keep everyone informed and help avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

Reinforced knowledge base

Ewake embraces the art of using knowledge base for incident management.
It generates an accurate postmortem including timeline and follow-up actions.
It also provides AI-generated runbooks in a matter of seconds.

Comprehensive insights and reports

Ewake leverages advanced AI to analyze incidents, providing managers and leaders with insightful reports and dynamic dashboards.
This enhances decision-making with AI-driven recommendations, streamlines OKR estimation, identifies hiring needs, and enables effective re-prioritization based on real-time insights.

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